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Celebrating Easter with kids

Teach children about the meaning of Easter through these free Easter activities

When it comes to celebrating Easter with kids, thoughts mostly turn to Easter egg hunts, hat parades, the Easter Bunny and hot cross buns. Some parents may buy gifts for their children, books are released about lambs, chicks and springtime (even though it is autumn in Australia), and pastel décor is everywhere.

It all sounds fun and sweet, but there is more to Easter.

Easter is when we remember Jesus’ death on a cross, which is called Good Friday. And Easter Sunday is when we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead. The entire weekend is a reminder to us that God loves us and wants to be our friend. “For this is how much God loved the world – he gave his one and only, unique Son as a gift” (John 3:16, TPT).

Learn more about the meaning of Easter

It can be tricky trying to share this message with kids. We have prepared some fun Easter activities for families to help teach children about the meaning of Easter.

The Easter story for kids

Many years ago, God sent Jesus (his son) into the world. Jesus lived a very normal life on Earth. He spoke about God’s love and healed people when they were sick. He had a lot of friends and followers, but many religious leaders did not like him. They did not believe Jesus was God’s son and didn’t like the things he was saying. Eventually, they got so angry with Jesus, they wanted to kill him.

They got a crowd of people to support their nasty plan. They went to the city’s rulers and called for his death. Jesus was whipped and laughed at then walked all the way up a hill where he died on a large, wooden cross. This is called crucifixion and is what Good Friday is all about.

At any time, God could have stopped it because he is strong and powerful. After all, he calmed the lightning, thunder and rain when it stormed, walked on water without sinking and made those who were sick better! But Jesus’ death was all part of God’s plan.

When we do bad things, we are separated from God and deserve punishment. But instead of being punished, God shows love towards us. When Jesus died, he took on our punishment because he loves us and so that we don’t have to be punished.

That’s not all, though! Jesus didn’t stay dead and buried in a tomb (grave). After three days, he rose back to life. His friends and followers found his empty tomb with angels announcing, “Jesus is alive” (Luke 24:23, NLT)! That’s called his “resurrection”.

Jesus showed that he has power over life and death. Because he rose back to life, we can be friends with him and have hope for new life. When we become friends with Jesus, he promises to always be there for us. We never have to feel scared, unloved or alone.

Sometimes in life we make mistakes, but God is always forgiving and gives lots of second chances! Jesus wants to help us make good choices to follow his good plan for our lives. Jesus also promises that when we become his friend, we can live with him in Heaven forever.

This is why we celebrate Easter Sunday with chocolate eggs and bunnies. The bunnies remind us of hope and new life, while the hollow insides of eggs remind us of Jesus’ empty tomb. The pretty Easter colours we see are a reminder of the light that Jesus brings to take away all darkness and sadness. “Jesus … said, ‘I am the light of the world’” (John 8:12, NIRV).

Use these printable sheets to explain Easter to kids.

Learn more about Easter eggs and new life in this simple story.

Download Story

Find out about the meaning behind popular Easter celebrations.

Download Story

Free Easter activities for kids

Celebrating Easter with kids can be a lot of fun. Use these simple Easter activities to teach children about the true meaning of Easter.

Easter recipe for kids

Hot cross buns are a popular Easter treat in the weeks leading up to Good Friday. The cross on the buns reminds us that Jesus died on a cross. Try making some with your kids using the below recipe. Spend the time talking about how God loves us so much that he sent Jesus to die for us so we could be friends with him.

This recipe download also comes with some Easter-themed puzzles. Perfect to do while waiting for those buns to bake!

Download hot cross buns recipe

Easter craft

Go for a bushwalk or raid your own backyard for supplies to make a resurrection garden. Kids will love choosing flowers, herbs, rocks and leaves to recreate the scene where Mary found Jesus’ empty tomb. You may even like to use small figurines to act it out. Use the below comic book-style story as a guide.

Download The good news of Easter – a story for kids

Download How to make a resurrection garden

Easter activities

Get creative with your Easter Sunday egg hunt this year. These Easter activities will get kids moving their bodies before devouring all the chocolate!

Download Easter egg games

Settle in for some quiet time with these printable Easter activity sheets. Younger kids will love the “Spotta Lotta Stuff” page and all ages will enjoy the Easter-themed colouring in sheet. Use lots of bright colours to celebrate the light and joy of the Easter message that Jesus is alive!

Download Spotta lotta stuff activity sheet

Download Easter Colouring in

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