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Children around the world need your urgent help. From $35 per month, you can change a child's life by becoming a sponsor for Education or a sponsor for Water & Health.

Lulu's Story

Lulu has albinism – a genetic lack of pigment in her skin, hair and eyes.

In Tanzania, people with albinism are often considered bad luck and ostracised by their families and communities. Worse still, others consider them good luck, which results in them being hunted and killed for body parts to use in witchcraft rituals and potions.

After three people disappeared from her village, Lulu’s parents sent her to live safely at Matumaini School. Lulu says, “I am most grateful to The Salvation Army for loving and caring for me like family; enabling me to pursue my ambition of becoming a lawyer. I dream of changing this mentality. I want to make the most of this great opportunity that I’ve been given and fight for human equality and justice.”

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Sustainable community

Our aim is to empower vulnerable children, families and communities overseas to build brighter futures in which they are the agents of their own development.

Our reach

The Salvation Army works in 128 countries. We partner with local communities to develop individual, sustainable programs and projects that yield long-term results.

Where your money goes

90% of every dollar raised goes directly to supporting communities overseas. The remaining 10% enables governance, accountability and sustainable fundraising here in Australia. Read more.

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